"The freedom of making your own schedule from the comfort of your​ own living room."


Registration Instructions

1. Create a profile with Arise by clicking HERE 

2. Follow the prompts

3. Complete the background check using 7 to 10 years of address history. Should only take 15 minutes for background check to return (not providing that info may delay response email)

4. Reply to this email with your username and password (helps with IBO troubleshooting)

5. IBO = Independent Business Owner. Enter in IBID: 86355 under "Join...." , Click Search button "POPE Virtual Solutions LLC" is the business that should pop up.

6. Once you are accepted,  sign up and pay for a certification course ( please discuss with me which course you would like so we can discuss your associated pay-- each course, has a non-paid appx. 20 day training (Could be closer to 30 days for some cert courses). Some courses have paid training after the initial 20 days.

7. During the certification process there will be a voice assessment. Please pay close attention to the directions prior to beginning. Also on the second portion of the voice assessment- Use your computer to type the words for this scramble and you can only repeat the words in the second portion of the voice assessment once. (this information will make perfect sense once you see the voice assessment.

*Part 1 of the voice assessment is super easy. It will make a statement such as, Ask me where I live. Your response should ONLY BE, Where do you live? Do not overthink this. 

8. If you have any questions about the assessments or direct deposit please text the number below, this is my direct business number 

9. You will receive a welcome call once the above steps are complete.

I am excited to work with you!

Warm Regards,

POPE Virtual Solutions LLC Owner

Together, we WILL make a change